Thursday, October 07, 2004

Google SMS

I've never understood people who wanted all sorts of features on their cell phone. But here's a pretty neat idea... You get get the results of google queries sent to your cell phone via sms. I can imagine checking on the address or phone number of a place I'm trying to get to. Or if I'm in a store and see an item on sale comparing that price to the price for the same item online via froogle. Anyway, if someone has ocassion to use it, I'd be interested in hearing how useful it proves.

Google SMS


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is a company out there (i have to dig up a link) that allows you to MMS a picture of a barcode of an item, and then it SMSes you back the prices (via amazon and froogle) of the same item online.

SMSing is great for talking to other people (coming from somebody who sent, according to my phone bill, 563 txts last month), but not great for commerce. its mainly because language can be screwed with easily, but commerce needs to be exact. and its quite inconvienient to type in numbers.


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