Thursday, April 14, 2005

Google Video Upload Program

If google can make it easy to share video, that would be great. But can google really handle all the video people will want to send them? Besides storage space and searchability, there's also the issue of previewing it all.

While, it would be great if google had all PBS programs searchable and downloadable for a small fee (e.g., <=$1), it would be even cooler if they really could handle all the video that anyone wants to share. I suspect people will want to upload ton's of stuff that only a dozen people will want to see, video of their baby walking, kid playing soccer, college friend's lip synch contest performance, friend's wedding, vacations, etc. Perhaps, they could have an expiration policy, so that you could share your video with family and friends for at least 3 months, but after that the video component would only stay if people were still downloading it frequently.
Google Video (Beta)


Blogger Qian said...

I suspect Google is more afraid of people not uploading all their videos than having too many videos. As with their normal web searching, the free stuff is the hook to build critical mass and mindshare while the commercial stuff such as video sales and ads for videos will come along for the ride. Same as for gmail, froogle, google maps, etc. Traffic and eyeballs are what they care about. They'll establish a market place and then take a cut of every transaction.

As for storage costs, it's pretty much a non-factor for them. They're already offering nearly limitless storage for gmail. I suspect that they crunched the numbers and found that it all works out quite well for them. The relatively slow upload speed of most home broadband connections also serves as a natural limit on the size of hobbist and home videos that will be uploaded.

Previewing shouldn't be too hard since that only requires cheap labor and indexing videos may even be easier than indexing the web since video don't tend to change much.

I'm guessing the google brain upload beta is going to be coming pretty soon, too.

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