Sunday, April 10, 2005

Wild Salmon?

According to The New York Times tests of salmon, only 4 out of 6 NYC stores had truely wild salmon. A few things of out about this...

  • These include some very high end stores (e.g., Dean & Deluca)

  • I can tell the difference between at least some farm raise and at least some wild salmon by taste (at least when I cook it rather simply). So how come these practices don't get caught.Perhaps there are some farm raised that aren't as bad as others and some wild that aren't as good as others which blur the line?

  • The last two times I bought "wild" salmon from a nearby grocery store (Feb & March), I was disappointed in the flavor and made a point of not buying it for a while.

  • Should I confront this grocery store?

  • This is the second-most emailed story from today's NYT, behind one about Schiavo & Pope, but ahead of Bush & Taxes, Man Dates, and speculation about the next pope.


Blogger acg said...

That's the problem exactly! Even professional chefs who look at lots of raw fish every day can't tell the difference between the wild and farm raised salmon just by looking at it. You have to actually taste it. (Or do lab tests, as in the article.) But by then, you've already paid for it! I was amused by some of the extremely lame responses given by the stores as to why they lied about their fish. One of the managers even said that all wild fish from Canada were farm raised, which doesn't make any sense at all!

4/11/2005 10:45:00 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Someone should start a PAC to lobby congress to require that stores selling "wild" salmon must offer to provide a free sample of your fillet before purchasing, grilled on the spot. :)

4/12/2005 01:46:00 AM  

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