Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bill Watterson

A coworker recently pointed me to this article on Bill Watterson, the famed creator of Calvin and Hobbes. Apparently, no one has seen much of him since he stopped writing the strip. While I'm not sure I'd like to see new additions to Calvin and Hobbes, I think it'd be great to see some new stuff from this comic strip genius.


Blogger Qian said...

I too would like to see more Watterson stuff and I think I'd even like more Calvin and Hobbes. The Simpsons have been running for what, 16 or 17 years and they still find fresh material. So I think there's still room for C & H strips. Of course if Watterson just doesn't want to do it, then that's that. I remember reading his statement about creating books and larger works after retiring and at the time I thought that it would be a great idea. But after seeing what George Lucas did with the Star Wars prequels, I'm not so sure. Maybe the all those deadlines and small panels that Watterson so hated were what kept his strips so fresh and visually interesting. He probably had to cut out a lot of stuff due to space/time issues, but maybe that helped to focus his genius and make each strip more concentrated and more potent. We see that when Lucas is allowed to indulge his own whims, the result is actually less watchable due to all the extraneous fluff that got in the way of the story-telling. Anyway, I wish Watterson would prove me wrong and publish a great book or maybe write more C & H. Sadly, neither looks very likely.

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