Monday, September 19, 2005


Ahoy, today is talk like a pirate day! Savvy, ye scallywag!?


Blogger Qian said...

Arrr, ye art a right good pirate lass for remembering this day, Dread Pirate Delphine. Aye, it would be most lubberly of us to pass up the chance to say "booty" or "thar she blows" without getting hung by the yardarms. In honor of this day, I have a couple of nautical recommendations for all of ye for those days when ye art hove to in a blowing gale and a rough sea.

The first is Sid Meier's Pirates!, a right good RPG that lets ye do all the pirating right from ye olde computin' box. You can sail, sink ships, capture booty, find buried treasure, fight duels, and even romance a governor's daughter or two all in the Carribean. It gets 4 "arrr's" out of 5 from this ol' sea dog.

The second is the Horatio Hornblower series of books by C.S. Forrester, which make very fine reading when ye've been captured by pirate-hunters and are rottin' in a dungeon. The books trace the life of Hornblower from a lowly midshipman to an admiral in the British Royal Navy during the years surrounding the Napoleanic War. Forrester is a right good yarn spinner and I've read the whole series of 11 books (I got captured a lot in me salad days when I was young and green and right lubberly). These books get a hearty 5 "arr's" out of 5 from me and I would give up a pint of grog to read one. If ye be a pirate like me ye know that's really sayin' something. Some of the books have also been turned into A&E movies for those of ye who never had no schoolin' when ye was on land.

Arrr, thar she blows! Avast mateys, set the top royals an' stuns'ils. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, that Spanish ship five points off the starboard side's carrying plenty of booty! Fire a broadside! :)

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