Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sandwich at Scollay Square

I hear that the MBTA has gotten rid of T tokens and now has a fare system known as the "CharlieCard." So, T'ers, how's that working out? Do you miss the old tokens? Do the free subway-to-bus transfers make up for the higher price?

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Blogger Eric said...

Yes, the cards are nicer than the tokens. And somehow it's easier to carry a CharlieCard than keep $1.25 in my pocket. But they installed all this new eqipment for CharlieCards, but don't charge different rates depending on the length of your trip. I'm sorry, but it's too expensive ($1.70 with CC, $2 wo) to take the Subway one or two stops up or down Mass.

Given the increased prices, once the roads are cleared of snow and ice, I will bike instead of paying for the T.

During the snow of winter, I only take the T if I can bus one way, subway the other and count it as a transfer. That's my small form of protest.

3/11/2007 03:13:00 PM  

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