Tuesday, June 22, 2004

starting new wedding traditions

Lookey lookey! I am making a post! and it's completely random. Don't you all miss me? :)-
So at Brian's sister's wedding, the bride threw her bouquet for all the unmarried women and the groom, who just graduated from Harvard Math, threw the first chapter of his thesis for all the ungraduated grad students.
I caught the thesis! woohoo! I guess this means I'm the next to graduate... or is it that I graduate in a year? well I don't know but I still think it's a good omen, don't you?
This is the second wedding I've been to where they did a thesis toss. People getting married this summer (i.e Eric): are you doing a thesis toss? (if so, can you aim it at Brian and me? we are trying to graduate in the fall... ;) I wonder if it's going to be a new tradition? maybe Emily Post will write about it in the next edition of her wedding guide...


Blogger Eric said...

finou: Yes, we all miss you. I think you might want to be rooting for Brian. You already caught one.

We are doing a bouquet toss, but I'm not sure if we'll have a second toss. Christina suggested a beanie, but when I searched on eBay for "beanie hat propellor", all I found was a Boston Red Sox/Vanilla Coke one, that didn't seem too relevant.

I'm not sure who Emily Post is. Does that imply that you don't look to me to get all your modern style ideas?

6/22/2004 07:25:00 PM  
Blogger finou said...

I think I have one of those MIT beanie hats somewhere if you want it... Wha't the beanie toss mean anyway?
Emily Post is Miss Manners. She writes (wrote? I am not sure if she died or not) lots of stuff on etiquette. Her wedding guide is pretty popular and it's actually quite good. It has good tips on what to do, what you can skip, what is traditional vs. new trends, and why some tradition came to be (like the smooshing cake in the face was because people actually used to crumble whole cakes on the bride and groom for good luck).

6/23/2004 09:07:00 AM  
Blogger acg said...

Smooshing cake in somebody's face is only cute if you're two years old. After that, it's just childish and kind of gross. I've always thought that was a pretty lame tradition, down there with the garter toss.

6/23/2004 10:48:00 AM  
Blogger Qian said...

I read that as Startling New Wedding Tradition, which it is for non-nerds I'm sure.

6/23/2004 02:03:00 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Oh, I did think of a couple of possibly new/startling wedding tradditions that we'll be employing.

For our engagement we both got mobias band rings, which we are now wearing on our right hand and will move to our left hand when we're married. The swaping idea we got off the net while googling for the traddition behind the diamond ring thing. I think the website we found the swapping idea at said it was a German traddition, so that may not qualify as new. But the mobias strip twist was our idea. (You just wait... I fully expect Miss Manners will be touting that as the new standard in a few decades.)

And we've planned to have dancing with three segements... one Italian-style, one Cuban-style, and one popular-style. So for those of you who want to look especially cool, you can start practicing the tarantella and whatever dance you do to Latin music.

6/23/2004 03:55:00 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Oh, and I should say... Sorry we didn't invite everyone. The place we're getting married has finite seating, and we felt like we should invite all the family. But by now, we've had several "regrets", so if any of you would like to come, please let me know.

6/23/2004 04:22:00 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Sorry, somehow this comment got mixed up the Canadian elections story, so I'll repost...

I don't think we know what a beanie toss would represent either. But I'm not into the superstious thing, so that doesn't bother me. Well, I'll put in a good word for a thesis toss.

Hmm, we did flip through a few bridal magazines at a bookstore one evening, mostly looking at ideas for dresses, cake designs. And we have googled for answers to several specific questions. But that's been the extent of our consultation with the powers of equitette past. But, I doubt our wedding will be too startling. We have mothers and aunts who are helping a lot and they ocassionally put in a suggestion for what I presume is tradditional.

I never heard of smooshing a cake in someone's face at a wedding. I thought that was for clowns. I think we'll feed each other a bite of cake (instead?).

6/23/2004 04:47:00 PM  
Blogger finou said...

Good call on the cake thing. In my opinion, smooshing the cake in the face is a big waste of cake :)-
Now to go practice my dancing....

6/24/2004 09:43:00 AM  

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