Monday, September 06, 2004

Hockey time

The World Cup of Hockey is underway, and the first round games are over. The matchups in the elimination round will be Canada vs. Slovakia, Russia vs. USA, Finland vs. Germany, and Sweden vs. Czech Republic.

Canada looked really strong in its first three games, and they should have no trouble against Slovakia. Likewise, Finland will have an easy win. I predict Sweden will win their quarterfinal game in a hard-fought struggle. Russia vs. USA ought to be an exciting toss-up; neither team was convincing in their first matchup, but Russia really seemed to hit their stride today versus Slovakia. Predictions to the contrary are, of course, always invited. :-)

Get your hockey in now, because unless the NHL and NHLPA can come to some sort of agreement soon regarding salary caps, there may not be an NHL season this year. World Cup games will be shown on ESPN/ESPN2 and CBC.


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