Saturday, June 24, 2006

Open thread

A mishmash of musings in the comments section....


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Last weekend my mom and I got back from our first ever trip to Alberta. When we landed at Dallas, an hour's connection magically shrank by a factor of two because a plane was at our gate. After sitting for hours on the plane, we had to wait on the tarmac for our gate, a fate that befell upon me on another AA trip through DFW this year. Starving, we grabbed a quick meal from Au bon pain and hustled clear across the airport to make our connection with little time to spare. Our bags were not so lucky. Their vacation was longer than ours by 58 hours. Moral of the story: Don't book a tight connection through DFW. Better yet, avoid American Airlines altogether until they figure out how not to overbook their airport. (If enough people avoid them for this reason, the problem will presumably solve itself.)

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The Canadian Rockies are awesome. It's great to see snow on mountains in June. Some people attending the American Astronomical Society meeting were displeased that the highs were barely in the low 70s F (low 20s C). But the high temperature hit 108 F (42 C) in Socorro while I was gone, so I found the coolness (some days it didn't even reach 60 F/16 C) refreshing.

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Bonne fête nationale! Today (EDT) is the national holiday of Québec. The large concert on the Plains of Abraham was televised on TQS. The attendance this year was ~200,000, the same as the year quark and I went to see Les cowboys fringants a few years ago. Good times....

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Does the song Dégénération by Mes Aïeux kick ass or what? (Hint: the answer is not "what".) You can hear an excerpt on their web page, and the lyrics can be found here.

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