Monday, June 28, 2004

Liberal minority

Congratulations to the Liberal party, who won a minority government in the Canadian federal election! Final numbers are not in yet, but it appears that the Liberal party has a strong minority, able to align with any of the Conservatives, Bloc Québécois, and NDP, possibly on an issue-by-issue basis. This could result in a government in which every opposition MP has real power, since Paul Martin will require support from some of the opposition to pass any legislation.

Other interesting notes: The Bloc won a record high number of seats. A computer glitch briefly caused the media to report that a Marxist-Leninist candidate was ahead in Mississauga. And after being defeated for the Conservative nomination in his riding, Chuck Cadman won a seat in the Commons as an independent.

Being in SC at the moment, I don't have my usual access to Canadian television, but I was able to watch the CTV news telecast over the internet. Isn't technology great? :-)


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