Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Canadian TV lineup

Okay, this may not be of interest to anyone but quark and possibly bdean and finou. Here are some highlights of the Canadian TV season, with special attention to French-language programming. (I'll assume you all know about the highlights of American programming, such as the season premiere of Gilmore Girls this Friday, from other sources. :-) ) All times are Eastern, but don't forget time-shifting opportunities from affiliates in other time zones.

  • Returning shows: Infoman Friday 19h30; La fureur Saturday 18h00 (with new games).
  • Et Dieu créa... Laflaque Sunday 19h30: A brilliant show in 3-D animation about the personal and professional lives of a fictional newscaster. There's lots of great political humour here.
  • Tout le monde en parle Sunday 20h: The hit talk show from France has now crossed the Atlantic. Animated by Guy A. Lepage, the guests are people you might actually know (if you watch Canadian TV)! The show has generated controversy (and ratings) for each of the two weeks it's been on so far.

  • Le sketch show Monday 19h30: Fast-paced and funny. Quebec finally gets a decent French-language sketch show.

  • 450, chemin du golf Wednesday 20h: The sitcom about suburban Montrealites is back for another season.

  • Returning shows: Rick Mercer's Monday Report Monday 21h; Royal Canadian Air Farce Friday 20h; This Hour Has 22 Minutes Friday 20h30; The Red Green Show Friday 21h.
  • Not returning: Hockey Night in Canada :-(

  • Returning show: Corner Gas Tuesday 20h(?)

Shows I haven't gotten around to watching but that sound interesting:
  • C'est mon show Monday-Thursday(?) 19h TQS: Dominic et Martin (from the show of the same name) are back, this time as hosts of a talk show.
  • Hommes en quarantaine Thursday 21h30 TVA: I think this is a sitcom about middle-aged men.
  • La vie rêvée de Mario Jean Wednesday 21h30 Radio-Canada: I can't figure this one out from the ads, but I think it's supposed to be a show about the real and fantasy lives of a comedian.
  • Demandes spéciales Sunday 19h TVA: Robert Charlebois is this week's guest.


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